The Colorado Association of Recreational Athletics began in 1970 to provide the recreational athletes of Colorado an opportunity to compete with teams from other municipalities in Colorado. When CARA began it was mainly an Adult Sports Association. While CARA still offers Adult Sports programs it has become mainly a Youth Sports Organization offering: Youth Tennis, Youth Track & Field, Youth Cross Country, Youth Gymnastics, Youth Lacrosse, Youth Swim & Dive, Adult Basketball, Adult Softball and Adult Flag Football. CARA also proudly sponsors special events such as Punt, Pass and Kick, Colorado Rockies Baseball Skills Challenge, Hershey Track, and Nuggets Skills Challenge.

CARA Track is Colorado's premier Recreational Track Program. Recreation agencies from around the State of Colorado offer this program so young athletes ages 5-16 can participate in a healthy summer activity. Participants are put in heats by gender and age. All participants get a ribbon for each heat. Participants can try different events each week or just stick with their favorites. The season concludes with the State Meet where divisions compete together.

In the Fall agencies across Colorado participate in CARA Cross Country. This recreational program gives youth the chance to run distance cross country meets against youth from other Cities.

So sign up now! If your local recreation department does not offer CARA Track and CARA Cross Country call them and demand that they get involved with the CARA running programs!

The Colorado Association of Recreational Athletics is run by independent recreation agencies throughout the State of Colorado.

Any complaints or concerns about CARA Track should be taken up with your town or district youth athletic coordinator.

To Join a CARA Track team please contact your local recreation agency. For a listing of agencies click here.

Agencies that would like to join CARA Track or Cross Country please contact the Colorado Parks and Recreation Association to discuss membership options with the current Chairperson.  All potential new teams must submit their interest for that summer no later than April 30th.  After that, any potential new teams will have to wait until the following year.  



To cover facility costs and other meet expenses host locations will

charge a gate fee of $2 for adults (18+) and kids are free.  Please bring exact cash.

Dogs are not allowed at any of our meets, so please keep all animals at home on meet days. 
​Don't be the person who has the police called on them for a pet in a hot car!

The 2019 CARA Track schedules finalized and available on the MetroNorthern, and Southern pages.

​These pages will be updated with meet specific maps and information as they become available.

State Track Meet Information can be found at: 2019 STATE MEET